STEAM Education - What It Is And Its Importance

The world is becoming competitive in every regard. Whether it is about the professional lives and careers of people or the academic lives of children and adults, everything is becoming competitive. This competition demands people to be the best that they can be in every way. Let’s explore this topic, specifically the academic and educational side. 

You might’ve noticed that people change their jobs and their careers more often than they used to. These shifts and changes have become “rapid” and very “frequent”. And as this is what a majority of people do now, there’s a need for a strong educational background that will enable people to be able to adapt to whatever their careers or their academic field requires of them. 

In today’s world, people need to have strong creative and critical thinking skills that will allow the ability to solve real world issues in an effective manner. But the current standard systems of education do not adequately develop such skills in students. Then what could be the solution to this? The answer is STEAM Education.

What Is STEAM Education?

Let’s take a look at what STEAM actually stands for. It is basically an abbreviation for: “Science, Technology, Engineering, Art and Mathematics”. STEAM education is an effective and integrated approach to learning and education that will enable students to have strong critical thinking skills that allows them the ability to tackle the real world problems in an efficient manner. 

STEAM education combines these 5 essential disciplines in order to create a functional and effective learning environment that will make the students want to engage and contribute to the highest extent. These 5 disciplines will also develop the required critical thinking and problem solving skills in the students that will allow them to be competent in the real world where they have to succeed in their professional lives. 

You can find some more details here https://artsintegration.com/what-is-steam-education-in-k-12-schools/ regarding what STEAM education is all about. 

Importance Of STEAM Education:

In the technology and educational sectors, STEAM education is becoming more relevant and familiar by the day. The most impressive fact about STEAM education is that along with technology related knowledge, it also focuses on arts, which is important for developing the required skills of design thinking and problem solving in students. More and more institutions, corporations and other professionals are accepting that STEAM education now is important. We can say that STEAM education has become a trending topic! 

There are now many careers related to STEAM and they are in very high demand. There are now degrees being offered in STEAM education for this purpose. But, let’s talk about why STEAM is essential to be taught to students in educational institutions. 

It is now evident that STEAM related jobs are increasing in numbers on a global level. As the number of jobs is growing, it indicates that there will be more opportunities for children who are students of STEAM education. In the future, there will be an even higher demand for students of STEAM education in the professional world. 

Also, IT related and computer programming jobs are one of the hardest positions to fill according to many surveys and yet, not many colleges are offering majors that are related to STEAM. Only when STEAM education related courses and curriculum are increasing offered to student in educational institutions around the world then will it lead to a better and more efficient workforce in the future economy. 

As STEAM education also includes the art discipline, it makes the learning process fun, entertaining and also much easier for students to grasp. Most students are not aware of coding or computer related learning and they will be more often than not confused by it. But with something that they are familiar with, such as the field of arts, it will allow them to feel more engaged in the learning process. Also by combining computer science with arts, the overall process of learning will become smoother and students will also excel in the field of computer sciences. 

Education is meant to be engaging so that the students get to focus all their attention on what is being taught, for effective learning. STEAM education does this in the best way possible. By combining science, art and mathematics into the difficult areas such as coding and engineering, STEAM education ensures that students feel interested and get to learn everything in the smoothest manner possible. 

Hence, STEAM education allows students to learn everything in an easy and open ended manner. Students will then also be able to apply their learning and knowledge in the real world. Combining the experimentation of science, the technology related knowledge of computer sciences and coding, the hands-on learning of engineering, the creativity of arts and the logic and formula of mathematics, STEAM education will make sure that all students become skilled and competent future ready individuals. 

STEAM Education is thus very crucial to make sure that the students of today are prepared and ready for the jobs of tomorrow. They can contribute positively in the global workforce and also effectively improve the global economy. 

Here https://www.pcworld.idg.com.au/article/621170/critical-importance-steam-education/, PCWorld talks about the critical importance of STEAM education, which you might find interesting. 

Benefits Of STEAM Education:

Resilient Educator talks about the essential benefits of STEAM education in a very comprehensive manner here: https://resilienteducator.com/classroom-resources/benefits-of-teaching-steam/ which actually strengthens its importance in the world .The awareness regarding STEAM education in the academic sector is increasing and STEAM education is becoming common around the world. Thanks to STEAM, students are now able to find their passion for careers in essential fields, which they wouldn’t have been able to discover if it wasn’t for the STEAM educational programs. 

Now, let’s take a look at some of the key benefits of STEAM Education.

  1. Creativity & Problem Solving.

The lessons in STEAM education allow students to improve their critical thinking and creativity skills, which allow them to become able to solve problems using new and creative solutions that they will come up with. Improving problem solving and creativity skills are a key benefit that students will get from STEAM education.

  1. Innovation.

STEAM education incorporates a sense of innovation in students. Students become equipped to deal with work related problems in new and innovative manners that will lead to more efficiency and effectiveness in the workplace. The future demands innovative minds and STEAM education will help in this regard. 

  1. Concentration.

STEAM education also improves the concentration ability of students. Concentration is required in the workplace for perfect output and the students of STEAM education will have a very high level of concentration that they can maintain for a very long duration. 

  1. Communication Skills.

All of us are aware of how important communication skills are in the professional world. STEAM education also focuses on developing communication skills of the students so that they know exactly how to interact with people and put across their ideas in the most effective way possible. 

  1. Logical Thinking.

Logical thinking abilities are essential for dealing with complex and complicated issues in the professional life and therefore, STEAM education stresses on the development of logical thinking abilities. 

  1. Hands-On Ability.

Whatever the students learn, they test their knowledge in the workshops to get a perfect hands-on experience in STEAM education. This is important for making sure that the students retain the knowledge that they gain. 

  1. Applying The Knowledge.

The best thing about STEAM education is that it not only teaches the students about the topics and content but it also teaches them how they can apply the knowledge in the real world so that the entire society and the economy can benefit from it. The traditional education teaches a lot but it never focuses much on how the knowledge can be applied in the real life. This is another key benefit of STEAM education that it focuses on the application of all the learning in the real life. 

  1. Experimentation.

STEAM education also enables the students to feel comfortable in trying out new things and coming up with solutions so that they can solve problems and issues in a creative manner. Because of this, the students always do their best to come up with new solutions that can use to solve issues in a fun and easy manner. This is one of the major benefits of STEAM education. 

  1. Leadership & Team Work Skills.

STEAM education also builds strong leadership and team work skill in students, which will allow them to be efficient and effective in their careers. Leadership skills are very important for those that want to succeed in their career and similarly, the ability to work with others in an effective way is a skill that most people lack. Developing these two skills will allow the individuals to be truly successful in their work life. 

  1. Understanding The Value Of Arts.

Combining arts with computer science and engineering studies will allow STEAM education to make the students understand the value of arts in terms of critical thinking and design skills. This is another key benefit of the STEAM education. 

These are the top benefits of STEAM education that the students will get. STEAM education is not only important for the development of student’s intellects but it is also essential for turning them into successful individuals in every regard. STEAM education in educational institutions will model the students to truly become successful in their professional lives. 

Concluding Remarks:

As you can see, STEAM education is very beneficial for students that want to excel in the future. The combination of arts and sciences will allow the students to become skilled for the jobs that the future economy will bring. The overall economy will be improved once skilled individuals with solid critical thinking and problem solving skills enter the workforce. In the near future, there will be more jobs that will be for those who are specialized in the areas of STEAM education. 

Therefore, educational institutions should start focusing on providing STEAM education so that students can have a bright future in every regard. The benefits of STEAM education are way too good to ignore and people should start moving towards it for a better future. 

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