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Do you know what STEAM education is? Well, first of all, we have an in-depth article here: https://epc-education.com/steam-education-what-it-is-and-its-importance/. STEAM stands for “Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics”. STEAM is a system of education which integrates different fields into one whole, to ensure the best learning possibilities for the children. You might have heard about STEAM Education somewhere at some point. With time, STEAM education is becoming more popular around the world and more institutions are now offering STEAM learning as opposed to the past when STEAM education was very rare.

There are so many ways in which the STEAM education outshines the traditional systems of education. The traditional education systems are focused on providing as much knowledge as possible to the children, without teaching them the ways to apply that knowledge practically in the real world. What good does knowledge do when it can’t be applied in the real world?

Well, that’s where the STEAM education comes in and changes the game! STEAM education focuses on “practical learning”. In STEAM education, the lessons are mostly taught through workshops so that the students can get a “hands on” experience of all the things they learn, which ensures practical learning. Students then become able to apply the knowledge practically.

This practical learning leads towards the development of two skills which are a requirement of the future workplace: innovation and creativity!

Let’s discuss how STEAM education leads towards more innovations by helping the students develop the right skills.

How STEAM Education Helps Students Become Innovative:

The reason why STEAM education is preferred by the parents for their children now is that it helps the students in becoming skilled for the future. The future workplace will demand people who are innovative and creative in dealing with work related problems and this is what STEAM education focuses on.

Innovation and creativity are improved through practical knowledge which the students get in the form of workshops that they are engaged in during the lessons of STEAM education. Also, “arts” is a field of creativity and “science” is related to innovation. STEAM education combines these two fields together and this leads to the students getting the best knowledge in terms of innovation and creative thinking.

STEAM education does not rely only on knowledge that is learnt but rather it tries to get the students to apply all that they learn practically so that they get a proper idea of how they can apply the knowledge in the real world.

All of this makes the students of STEAM education become innovative and also creative, which helps them do amazing things in life, like making some new innovative product and finding out creative ways of dealing with workplace problems.

  • For Example: The USB drive was invented in Singapore. If the students get access to STEAM education, they’ll become able to create even more innovative products.

STEAM Education & Innovations 2

Personal Life Benefits Of STEAM Education:

The best benefit of STEAM education is that it not only benefits the professional life of the students and prepares them for the future, but rather it helps the students become able to handle their personal lives in a more efficient and effective manner as well. The skills of innovation and creativity are not only applicable in the professional world but can be applied in the personal lives as well.

So, this is an amazing benefit that STEAM education provides. Hence, as Study International explained (https://www.studyinternational.com/news/steam-education/), STEAM education helps in the development of all essential skills.

Other Skills That STEAM Education Helps The Students To Develop:

STEAM Education allows the students to develop the following skills, which are essential for being successful in the future, in terms of professional and personal life. So, as explained by Teaching Thought (https://www.teachthought.com/technology/benefits-of-steam-education/), following are the skills that STEAM education helps in the development of.

1. Creativity & Problem Solving Talent.

The teachings of STEAM education will let the students improve their critical thinking, innovation and also creativity skills, which will help them to become able to solve future problems using innovative and creative solutions that they will come up with, themselves in an effective and efficient manner.

2. Innovation Skills.

STEAM education develops a sense of innovation in the minds of the students. The students become equipped to deal with the work related problems in new and innovative ways that lead towards more efficiency and effectiveness in the work field. The future will demand innovative thinking and STEAM education will help the students in this regard.

3. Higher Concentration.

STEAM education also helps in improving the concentration ability of students. Concentration is important in the workplace for efficient output and the students of STEAM education have the highest levels of concentration that they can sustain for a very long period of time for better work.

4. Strong Communication Skills.

We are all aware of how important the communication skills are in the professional world. STEAM education also focuses on developing the communication skills of the students so that they are aware of exactly how to interact with others in the most effective manner possible, at any given time, in personal and professional life.

5. Logical Thinking Skills.

Logical thinking skills are required for dealing with complex and complicated issues in the work and also the personal life of the future and therefore, STEAM education focuses on the development of logical thinking skills in the students as well.

6. Hands-On Skills.

Whatever the students learn, they test their knowledge in the workshops to get a perfect hands-on experience in STEAM education. This is very important for making sure that the students retain the knowledge that they gain through lessons in STEAM education.

7. Team Work & Leadership Skills.

STEAM education also creates strong leadership and team work skills in the students, which will allow them to be effective in their professional and personal lives as well. Leadership skills are necessary for those who want to succeed in their career and similarly, the ability to work with others in an effective manner is a skill that most professionals lack. Developing these skills will allow the children to be truly successful in their work and personal life.

So, these are the key skills that STEAM Education helps the students to develop in an efficient and effective manner.

Concluding Remarks:

So, if you want your children to become innovative and ready for the future work and personal life situations, make sure to opt for STEAM education for them as it will provide them significant benefits in life.

If you are interested to find out more on STEAM Education, you can contact us at hello@epc-education.com, or fill up this contact form.

EPC Education is a provider of ENGINEERING PLUS CODING and computational & design thinking programmes for students in Singapore, China, Taiwan and Bangladesh.

Founded in 2014, we have since established ourselves among parents, students, schools and government bodies like MOE and IMDA as providers of CURRICULUM DEVELOPMENT AND TRAINING especially for the Code For Fun programme and simple coding programmes using tablets.

Our unique and fun EPC STEAM programmes are designed to ensure students enjoy the learning process while picking up ESSENTIAL CODING AND COMPUTATIONAL THINKING SKILLS necessary to harness technology to the fullest using easy to understand practices with links to REAL-WORLD APPLICATIONS.

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