STEAM Education - Growing Popularity Among Parents

Parents always want the best for their children, in terms of their education. Good education ensures that the future of their children is bright and successful. Unfortunately, as the world is becoming digitalized, the skills that are required in the professional world of today are a lot different than the skills that were essential a few years ago. Most prominently, the future demands mathematics and science based skills. These skills are not a part of the traditional education system. However, there is something that is gaining a lot of popularity among the parents now. You might have heard of it too! It’s STEAM Education!

STEAM Education is the learning system that will prepare children for the jobs of the future! STEAM Education’s teaching is completely different from traditional education systems and this is one of the main reasons why parents are showing interest in it, all around the world. Through STEAM Education, children gain all the skills and knowledge that they need to be competent professionals in the future world.

A few years back, STEAM Education wasn’t that known among the parents but now its popularity is growing by the day and a lot of parents are considering STEAM Education for their children. Public School Review talks about its rising popularity in great detail here https://www.publicschoolreview.com/blog/the-rising-popularity-of-stem-a-crossroads-in-public-education-or-a-passing-trend.

STEAM Education Defined:

As explained very comprehensively here https://www.theedvolution.com/steam-edu/what-is-steam-education-and-why-it-is-important-for-your-kids/ STEAM stands for “Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics”. STEAM integrates these different fields together into one to make sure that students gain dynamic skills that are a requirement of the future.

STEAM Education relies mostly on project based learning so that students get a hands-on experience, which enables them to apply their knowledge practically in the real life.

STEAM Education focuses on making students become competent in the areas of sciences and arts. And because of all this, STEAM Education is gaining popularity among t

Function & Focus Of STEAM Education:

STEAM Education aims to develop the following characteristics in all students through the unique teaching methodologies;

  • Help students become problem solvers.
  • Help them deal with problems in an innovative manner.
  • Help them become inventors.
  • Help students become self-reliant.
  • To help students become skilled in terms of technology.
  • To help students be logical thinkers.

The development of these characteristics in students is the main focus and function of STEAM Education. And thanks to the wonderful teaching system of STEAM, students can develop these characteristics effectively.

Key Benefits That Parents Are Impressed By:

There are some solid benefits that the students get through STEAM Education and these benefits are making it become so popular among all the parents. Following are some of the key benefits:

  • Students gain innovative skills.
  • Students become able to explore the subjects in a greater dept.
  • Students become strong critical thinkers.
  • They become intellectually wiser.
  • They become prepared for the future world.

These key benefits make STEAM Education very impressive to parents and as more parents get to know about it, STEAM will gain even more popularity for sure.

What’s Different About STEAM Education:

As compared to the traditional educational systems and their methods of teaching, STEAM Education does everything in a unique manner. Following are some key differences that indicate how STEAM focuses on quality learning.

  • STEAM encourages students to understand, not memorize.
  • STEAM relates all the new information to the prior knowledge.
  • STEAM tries to focus mainly on the processes and also, the outcomes.
  • STEAM is constructive and active learning which keeps the minds of students constantly engaged in the learning processes.

These key differences are enough to showcase how STEAM Education tries to educate in an efficient and effective manner. Instead of relying on the traditional teaching methods that are not sufficient for the future jobs, STEAM Education tries to teach students in innovative ways that help them gain the skills they need for being competent in the future.

Hands-On Learning In STEAM Education:

STEAM Education aims to teach through a hands-on approach. Instead of making students memorize things, STEAM Education involves the students in project based learning. Students engage in projects and they try to solve problems according to their own unique and innovative manners, which gives them the best practical experience. This practical experience then allows students to be able to apply the knowledge in the real world with ease.

This hands-on learning allows students to retain all the knowledge easily. This is one of the main reasons why STEAM Education is gaining so much popularity among parents. Parents understand that this approach to education will prepare their children for the future jobs.

Skills That STEAM Education Helps Develop:

As mentioned here https://www.studyinternational.com/2019/10/02/steam-education/ there are some key skills that STEAM Education helps students to develop. The professional world of the future will require skills and not just knowledge from the people. So, following are the key skills that students will be able to develop through STEAM Education;

Logical thinking: STEAM Education will help students become logical thinkers by allowing them to engage in learning in creative manners. Creativity in learning will help students become logical thinkers, which will help them solve problems of the future.

Creativity: As STEAM Education incorporates arts with sciences, it helps students improve their creativity which allow them to deal with projects in ways that are completely out of the box.

Innovation: STEAM Education tries to help students become innovators so that they’ll be able to deal with work problems in the best ways that will display efficiency.

Communication skills: STEAM Education also helps students become good communicators, which is a skill that is demanded by the professional world.

Concentration: When students have higher levels of concentration, they are able to work in an efficient manner. STEAM Education does its best to improve the concentration levels of students.

Hands-on ability: STEAM Education helps students retain all their knowledge by teaching them through projects, in which students gain hands-on experiences!

These are some of the key skills that parents want their children to develop. And as STEAM Education offers them, it is gaining popularity among parents.


STEAM Education - Growing Popularity Among Parents

Concluding Remarks:

STEAM Education is becoming famous among parents and also children who are interested in creativity and innovative things. While a lot of educational institutions do not offer STEAM learning as of now, it can be seen that STEAM Education is gaining popularity and more people and considering it for their children if they have access to it.

The benefits of STEAM Education are vast and the parents who understand the importance of preparing their children for the future jobs will surely consider it.

If you are interested to find out more on STEAM Education, you can contact us at hello@epc-education.com, or fill up this contact form.

EPC Education is a provider of ENGINEERING PLUS CODING and computational & design thinking programmes for students in Singapore, China, Taiwan and Bangladesh.

Founded in 2014, we have since established ourselves among parents, students, schools and government bodies like MOE and IMDA as providers of CURRICULUM DEVELOPMENT AND TRAINING especially for the Code For Fun programme and simple coding programmes using tablets.

Our unique and fun EPC STEAM programmes are designed to ensure students enjoy the learning process while picking up ESSENTIAL CODING AND COMPUTATIONAL THINKING SKILLS necessary to harness technology to the fullest using easy to understand practices with links to REAL-WORLD APPLICATIONS.

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