STEAM Education - Benefit for Young Children

Picture taken at our STEAM Centre in China, November 2020

STEAM Education is an approach to learning that is becoming very prominent in the educational world.

STEAM Education’s key strength lies in the fact that it encourages young children to think deeply in order to help them become competent innovators, leaders and educators, who will be able to solve all the challenges of the future.

By allowing young children to think more broadly and practice solving problems with effective hands-on approach, STEAM Education inculcates the quality of innovation and critical thinking in young children.

While all other approaches focus on acquiring knowledge only, STEAM Education focuses mainly on helping young children learn by doing, so that they get a practical experience. This allows young children the ability to effectively solve the problems of the professional world.

A lot of parents are showing an interest in STEAM Education but unfortunately, they are not completely aware of the benefits that it offers for young children. So, today, we are going to talk about the benefits of STEAM Education for young children.

What Is STEAM Education?

As Arts Integration explained it in great detail https://artsintegration.com/what-is-steam-education-in-k-12-schools/ STEAM Education is simply an approach to education and learning, that utilises Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Mathematics as the frame for helping young children acquire critical thinking and innovative thinking, for becoming able to solve the complex problems and challenges that the future will bring in the professional world.

STEAM Education - Benefit for Young Children

STEAM Education’s Top Benefits for The Young:

STEAM Education is very diverse and dynamic because it combines together different areas of education. The study of science, combined with the arts, allows young children to learn things in an open-ended manner, which allows them to use this knowledge in a manner that will be applicable to the problems of real world. So, as Green Kid Crafts mentioned too, https://www.greenkidcrafts.com/7-benefits-of-steam-education-for-elementary-school-kids/ let’s take a look at the major benefits of STEAM Education for young children!

  1. Project based education.

One of the top benefits for young children is that STEAM Education offers a completely hands-on and project-based approach to learning. This helps young children develop practical problem-solving skills that they were be required to have in the professional life. Project based learning allows young children to think creatively.

  1. Independent thinking is encouraged.

STEAM Education does not follow the traditional methods of teaching that are mostly ineffective. In the curriculum of STEAM Education, young children are given a chance to evaluate, think and then determine themselves how they can complete their tasks and projects in the best manner. This learning environment lets young children pursue their own thoughts and ideas and they do not feel bounded by the intellectual constraints.

  1. Improvement in mental health.

It is a known fact in the medical field that creativity and being involved in arts is very beneficial for the mental and emotional health. This is one of the major benefits of STEAM Education. As it offers the opportunity to young children to engage in arts and creative tasks, it helps in improving their mental health and wellbeing.

  1. Communication skills.

Good communication skills are one of the main requirements in the professional world. STEAM Education helps young children to develop and improve their communication skills as well, which will allow them to be very competent in their work life.

  1. Logical thinking is improved.

Now, logical thinking is something that most of the educational approaches don’t focus on. STEAM Education tries to improve the logical thinking of young children as well by offering them lessons and projects that will allow them to utilise their thinking capacity to the maximum extent.

  1. Improved concentration.

A majority of young children have issues when they are trying to stay concentrated. Most of them are not able to hold their attention or concentration for long. And this leads towards inefficiency. However, STEAM Education does its best for improving the concentration ability of young children as well. This helps young children in dealing with work processes in an efficient way.

  1. Hands-on ability.

In STEAM Education, whatever young children will gain in terms of knowledge, they will learn how to apply that practically. This is because STEAM Education stresses on project-based learning that allows young children to get the ultimate practical skills and hands-on ability, for more success in work life.

  1. Creativity is improved.

STEAM Education incorporates the arts with science and this helps in allowing young children to expand their creativity to the fullest. More creativity helps in dealing with real life problems in new ways that are not only efficient but very effective as well.

  1. Innovation

Innovation is the requirement of the future and STEAM Education helps in making young children become more innovative in every regard, which will help them deal with the future work problems in the most “out of the box” approach. This will help in making the businesses and organisations become much more efficient, which will automatically lead to more success.

  1. Adaptation skills.

The future will be dynamic and it will bring about changes in the work procedures at a regular pace. STEAM Education helps young children in learning the skill of adaptation so that they will be able to adapt their work methods according to the changes in the overall environment.

These are the top benefits of STEAM Education for young children.

STEAM Education - Benefit for Young Children

Concluding Remarks:

STEAM Education is very beneficial for young children as it will prepare them to face the future professional world. Parents who are interested in STEAM Education should be definitely think about considering it as it will offer modern education, in the most effective methods. Young children will gain all the knowledge of science along with arts, which will help them improve their logical thinking, innovative capacity and also other aspects like communication skills and decision-making skills.

If you want your children to be prepared for the future, you’ll surely want to go for STEAM Education! Parents should try and understand STEAM Education in detail before making a proper decision.

If you are interested to find out more on STEAM Education, you can contact us at hello@epc-education.com, or fill up this contact form.

EPC Education is a provider of ENGINEERING PLUS CODING and computational & design thinking programmes for students in Singapore, China, Taiwan and Bangladesh.

Founded in 2014, we have since established ourselves among parents, students, schools and government bodies like MOE and IMDA as providers of CURRICULUM DEVELOPMENT AND TRAINING especially for the Code For Fun programme and simple coding programmes using tablets.

Our unique and fun EPC STEAM programmes are designed to ensure students enjoy the learning process while picking up ESSENTIAL CODING AND COMPUTATIONAL THINKING SKILLS necessary to harness technology to the fullest using easy to understand practices with links to REAL-WORLD APPLICATIONS.

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