shaping the future workforce and economy

STEAM education is the best way to give our younger generation a promising future to do whatever they like. Everyone knows about the acronym STEM. STEM is the fastest-growing industrial field when we talk about employment. It focuses on preparing students for science, technology, engineering, and math. These four significant subjects cover many possible professions for students; that is why STEM focuses on everyone’s attention. But these four subjects don’t make it ideal as a teaching curriculum.

As you can see, STEM doesn’t focus on Arts, which is a significant subject. It limits the talent and future of many students interested in Arts and its related professions. That is why educators introduced a new curriculum that is ideal for teaching students to become successful. STEAM education shapes the future workforce and economy by its unique teaching methods that make students active and able to do various jobs. STEAM includes Art as a significant subject and teaches students based on the integration among these five major subjects.

STEAM education comes with a lot of benefits. A STEAM student is different from a typical student in a lot of ways. Students who learn through STEAM education are great at problem solving and creative activities. They also know that they can pick up any profession and can become good at it. The students are also confident in whatever they do. Because STEAM education makes students learn everything with interest which then helps them develop a lot of confidence. When students who learn from STEAM education enter their professional lives, they can shape the entire economy due to their brilliance and change the workforce for the best.

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Problem Solving and Critical Thinking

Critical thinking and problem solving are something every student from STEAM education is good at. When students learn the integration of STEM subjects with Arts, they start looking at things differently. It helps them to develop excellent problem-solving skills. If we take a scientist as an example, then we know how it works. A scientist reaches discoveries with every bit of problem that comes out. Sometimes the scientist loses focus of the actual goal and only focuses on finding a solution to every problem. It is good and all, but sometimes looking at the bigger picture helps you reach your goal.

What STEAM education does is that it helps students by teaching them critical thinking. That way, if they ever get stuck with a problem they can’t solve, they can find the solution quickly by looking at it from another angle. Using this method, changing the future of the economy is quite simple. Because every STEAM education student knows about critical thinking making their future limitless no matter which profession they choose, they can find a fast and the best solution to every problem.

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Purpose of STEAM Education

The primary purpose of STEAM education is to create a new and integrated approach to learning. Students in the past learned about the five major subjects discretely. They kept the knowledge of every subject separate and only focused on the subjects they thought were good. They didn’t have enough choice when it comes to professions. But now, STEAM education is teaching students about the integration among the five major disciplines, and it creates new possibilities for them. What’s more, is that STEAM education makes learning exciting and meaningful. Students learn with interest and use their knowledge to solve their everyday problems.

Future and STEAM Education

The primary purpose of our education system is to prepare students for the future. As a part of the future workforce, what our students learn today will affect the future economy. And the best thing about STEAM education is that it teaches all the fastest-growing industrial disciplines such as Arts, Math, Tech, and the rest. So, STEAM is essential for preparing our future generation. If we want to bring some change, we need our future generation to think and work efficiently. STEAM helps the student with problem-solving and critical thinking and prepare them to tackle any future problem.

In other education curricula, the focus is always on the skills and career every of every student. But it is not the case for STEAM education. There is no pre-selected career for any student in STEAM. They learn everything with visual arts, projects, and communication and find what they are good at by themselves. It makes them interested in learning whatever they like. STEAM focuses on the learning process of the student, not the career they are targeting. It gives students the freedom to choose what they want to learn, making them sincere and better.

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STEAM Workshop Themes

STEAM education helps students explore integrative learning by using innovative teaching methods. It helps them perform well in college and other platforms where they can showcase their actual skills. STEAM education doesn’t care about traditional teaching methods, and students learn what they are interested in. It also empowers the future where employees have a voice of their own. They can do what is best for their work instead of just following orders from the higher-ups.

Teamwork and Communication

There is hardly any modern discovery whose credits go to a solo person. When we talk about new inventions and discoveries, people usually work together towards the same goal. If we want our future generation to create new tech and make significant discoveries, we should teach about teamwork and communication. A group or a team can make any significant achievement if they have the right skills and great teamwork. Having good teamwork is all about doing your part of the job and having faith in your teammates.

Everything fallout when there is no teamwork. Sometimes people take part in other people’s share of work to get more credit. That is why STEAM education is the best because it creates awareness among members of the same team. When they communicate and share the burden equally, then everyone gets the credit. STEAM education gives students teamwork experience using group assignments and projects. It also helps students.

Tech-use and Knowledge Application

STEAM education promotes tech to use so that whenever there is new and advanced tech, students can use it to get some helps with their tasks. Any method to find the solution includes tech use and internet research, and STEAM prepares the student for that. The good thing about STEAM is its knowledge application. What students learn in the classroom is experimental in real-life situations. That is why STEAM students are better at applying anything they learn a few moments ago to new tasks.

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STEAM education is helping students and our future generation to shape the future economy and workforce. Every student learns the importance of every significant career discipline and the best way to utilize their knowledge. It makes them learn from their mistakes while they become masters at what they like to do. Shaping the future economy will be very easy for our future generation if they learn through STEAM education. With the help of STEAM, students continuously come up with a new solution for the new problems and the already solved problems. If we want our young generation to have a better future than STEAM, education is the ideal path to take.    

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EPC Education is a provider of ENGINEERING PLUS CODING and computational & design thinking programmes for students in Singapore, China, Taiwan and Bangladesh.

Founded in 2014, we have since established ourselves among parents, students, schools and government bodies like MOE and IMDA as providers of CURRICULUM DEVELOPMENT AND TRAINING especially for the Code For Fun programme and simple coding programmes using tablets.

Our unique and fun EPC STEAM programmes are designed to ensure students enjoy the learning process while picking up ESSENTIAL CODING AND COMPUTATIONAL THINKING SKILLS necessary to harness technology to the fullest using easy to understand practices with links to REAL-WORLD APPLICATIONS.

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